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About Galaxy

We have been teaching gymnastics to children since 1990. Our first classes started at Copperview Rec Center in Midvale and have since expanded to rec centers in Sugarhouse, Sandy, and Magna. 


Owner and Head Coach Rennly Williams has taught thousands of children not only to love gymnastics, but also to work hard and excel in all aspects of life. Her warmth and enthusiasm inspire kids to learn, to push themselves, and to succeed.

Our Coaches

Rennly Williams

Owner & Head Coach


Parents Love Us

"We love Galaxy. Rennly makes gymnastics fun while teaching kids life lessons like taking turns, patience and memorization.  My kids enjoy the meets she holds where they show off their progress and receive a trophy or medal.  As a busy parent, I love that Galaxy is affordable and offers plenty of class options and flexible times."

--Megan W.

"Rennly is an outstanding coach and a wonderful person. The self confidence my girls learned in her classes laid the foundation for the sports they are involved in today."

--Deanna M.

"We switched to Rennly's program and were amazed how much more they could get out of the kids and how much fun they had. It is affordable and a great way to get my daughter to exercise. I have recommended this program to a lot of my friends. The ‘meets’ are so good for the kids because they are able to invite grandparents and show off their skills."


--Misty T.

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