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**Classes Update: Sept. 21, 2020
Great News!
We are starting to open beginning in October. We are only starting at Copperview for now to see how things go. Classes will look different starting up again.We will still have to social distance gymnastics. This means,  no classes for 5 year olds and under, no bars and vault, and parents won't be able to stay and watch. What we do get to do is work on mat skills, conditioning, and possibly beam skills. We will have coaches and gymnasts cleaning their mats that they used after each class. Masks will be mandatory for everyone and if any child feels ill at all, they will not be allowed to stay and participate.  There will be other protocols in place when you sign up or on the first day of class. You may use your credits for classes! Thank you for understanding. Stay safe and healthy, see you soon!!

Galaxy Academy of Gymnastics

Reopening Update May 10, 2020


Hello everyone,


It’s been a long few months since we’ve been together in the gym and we miss you all immensely. We still do not have an exact opening date, but it’s getting closer! We have implemented a plan for when we are able to start back up. It’s going to look differently as we will have to follow the guidelines set up by Salt Lake County health department and surrounding city restrictions. We will have to comply with social distancing gymnastics, which for our sport, is going to be challenging.


            Everyone will be receiving credit in their SL County account that you will be able to use for your next session of gymnastics. Then, when we get the go ahead, you will sign up for a new session of gymnastics. Our first session back, we will finish up our previous 5 classes. This session will $50 for Shooting Stars and the advanced  90 minute classes. Class sizes will be much smaller to comply with the social distancing. Each child will use 1 mat that will be theirs for the class, then the mat will be cleaned and sanitized after each class. We will not be using the bars or vault to begin with because it will be too hard to sanitize after each child. Beams will possibly be used if we can clean them. We will also shorten the class times (to be determined) but, there will be more class times to choose from. This will also give us the chance to see how all of this is working out. Unfortunately, we will not be holding our Moon Beam, Little Dipper, and Mini Martian classes as of yet. I can’t see a way to keep our little kids social distancing and entertained for now. 


            Once we are able to start, you will receive another email letting you know that it’s time to sign up. There will be 2 weeks to sign up period before classes begin again. We have lost a few coaches due to the pandemic- Emily, Devin, Bella and Emory. We wish them well on their next adventures! We are hoping to have some new coaches as well. This has been a strange and trying time for us all. Thank you for being patient with us. We can’t wait to see you again!



Galaxy Gymnastics

Rennly, Jennifer, Marianna, Mckenzie, Courtney and Kaitlyn (and a few new ones!)


Registration for October begins Sept. 24th. Class sizes will be limited to 4-5 kids per coach.  New session begins Oct. 13th and 15th at Copperview only. Times are a bit shorter and much smaller sizes. This may change and we figure out things.

October schedule:

Begins Oct 13 &15

Ends Nov 3 & 5


4:30-5:30 Comets/Rocketeers

5:45-6:30 Shooting Stars

6:45-7:30 Shooting Stars


4:30-5:15 Shooting Stars

5:30-6:15 Shooting Stars

6:30-7:30 Comets/Rocketeers/Jedis

Magna Rec.


Build Skills, Have Fun

Our classes give kids the courage to explore unique talents, the confidence to set lofty goals, the desire to reach those goals, and to build a successful future. More than anything else, gymnastics helps kids develop self-esteem, self-discipline, and the ability to focus.

Classes for Kids

Our classes start for kids as young as 20 months, whether they're new to gymnastics or have prior experience.








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